Hello All!
Unfortunately, my English is not so cool...;) I'll try to be laconic.
So, some facts about me:

  • my name is Julia
  • i'm mother of two wonderful boys - Dimka and Timka
  • i'm happy wife of my beloved husband:)
  • i'm working as associate professor of economic cybernetics department, I am very interested to engage in scientific research in this area, like communication with students, I love my chair :)
  • earlier i've worked as webprogrammer
  • i've worked as a Member of Scientific Council, this allowed to take part in many diverse researches, to apply my theoretical knowledges into practice, to get acquainted with lots of interesting people - so, thanks to everyone who contributed to this - still one of my dream has come true :)
  • i like autumn
  • i don't divide the world into black and white
  • i have fun to guess the riddles
  • i like to drive
  • i like to travel
  • earlier I was Julia Pavlova
Since the list goes on, the other facts can be found in personal communication :)

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